Creator of SENAÏA'S COSMETICS brand, started in 2020.

Young mother, originally from a small island called Saint-Martin, in the Caribbean, I have always been very attentive to the products I used, on my skin and hair.
Since my childhood I have been immersed in the natural with a mother who was very careful.

By observing it and doing my own research I also started to create my own products and it got a lot more to me. This passion has also been transformed into a priority since the birth of my daughters.

I am really passionate and I am now striving to create and innovate products in order to be able to solve all of your needs.

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Not just a brand it's a family affair we promotes 100% organic products for an affordable price.

  • Chebe & fenugreek hair growth moisturizer

  • Chebe & fenugreek hair growth oil

  • The original hair moisturizer

  • Rosemary & peppermint